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Top 5 cPanel Log Tools

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Server logs, basically, enable you to look into the internal functioning of your website, which in turn, helps you in getting information regarding your website’s visitors; moreover, you can get to know about resolving tech matters and spotting security lapses, if any. Usually the programs being operated, on a server, form a certain type of log and despite having shared web hosting account, some of the logs of one’s website can still be looked at. On the whole, cPanel incorporates necessary tools that facilitate the webmasters in making the log administration pretty simple.

  1. The Most Recent Visitors: This feature can be employed to get to know details about the last 300 visitors who browsed your site. You can get information like the IP address, time and URL visited, file size, referrer URL and the user agent.
  2. Bandwidth: This option offers you details regarding your website’s bandwidth. It consists of Graphs for the regular bandwidth usage and charts provide you detail of bandwidth distribution.
  3. Webalizer/AWStats: These tools reveal a wide set of data related to your website, for instance, the number of visitors, unique hosts, bytes served, the leading pages, regions of the people browsing website and key search words.
  4. Error log: It gives the administrators information of last 300 errors on the website. The error info constitutes a number of things, like time of error, the IP address of the customer, the error message and even the file or document that was being accessed.
  5. Raw Access logs: The administrators can view his log files in their unfiltered form by clicking the Raw Access logs buttons and will get a downloadable gzip format compressed file.

For getting further details regarding the cPanel log tool, you can check the online documentation.

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