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IdeaHost Review

From €2.99
4.5Features 5.0Ease of use 5.0Support 5.0Price

idea host review

ideahost  overview

Web Hosting Idea Host, relatively new hosting provider that risks becoming a leader among competitors in its category. All thanks to its pricing policy and principles of work.

Hoster IdeaHost, offers a cheap, reliable hosting, which makes this hosting profitable and focused not only on large and medium companies, but also on ordinary people. If you are interested in hosting Ideahost and decided to choose as your hosting provider, you can see more with features and offers

Tariffs and prices of ideahost

Ideahost, like most hosting providers has three plans. But we took it to the top, the cheapest hosting. Why so? For a man who created his first website usually does not need much. A man required to hosting was not expensive and was convenient. And this is suitable for hosting this description.

ideahost prices

Express  The cost of the first month of use for new users is only two euro ninety-nine cents. And the next three dollars ninety-nine cents. This is one of the cheapest offerings on the market.

What do we obtain when ordering base web hosting service IdeaHost:

– Free Domain Name
– Free Email Address

– Unlimited Domains
– 500 GB Storage Space

Agree for a simple site is the best option

Create  The cost of the first month of use for new users is only three euro ninety-nine cents. With this plan you receive
– FREE Domain Name
– FREE Email Address
– Unlimited Disk Space
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– FREE Website Builder

Business  The cost of the first month of use for new users is only four euro ninety-nine cents. With this plan you receive all features which provider offers
– FREE Domain Name
– Unlimited Email Address
– Unlimited Disk Space
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– FREE Website Builder
– $300 Ad Credits
This is ideal for people who start a business on the Internet and have no advertising budget

IdeaHost’s features

Of course, when hosting is cheap, do not expect much from it, but ideahost was able to surprise us. We will not repeat those properties which we wrote about in the tariffs and consider those of which we have not mentioned. Divide them into two categories:

Website Builderfeatures of builder ideahost

– Drag & Drop

– 1,000’s of Templates
– Blog Tools
– Photo Galleries
– Online Store

Marketing Tools

features of marketing ideahost– €100 Bing Credit
– Site Analytics
– Authentication Seal
– SEO Tools

And most importantly, all these features are free.

Given the fact that we are comparing hosting all together, we can not put ideahost maximum marks for features as compared to other web hosting leaders them much less. Therefore, our estimate is 4.5

IdeaHost Support Service

I will say at once, supports for ideahost service, received from our experts maximum score. Here’s why. As we wrote at the best web hosting providers in 2017, our experts have given two tasks to support.

  1. We introduced as webmaster, who is the first time using web hosting. Support, responded within one hour and helped in its entirety.
  2. We ourselves specifically broken server and turned into support. And after 2 hours, it worked, and that it is important that no loss of data from the server.

Briefly about support:support of ideahost

– 24/7 Tech Support

– 24/7 Phone & Email
– Consumer Award
– Professional Agents
– QA Testing
– Online Tutorials
– 30 Day MoneyBack

As one of our experts, “customer service by ideahost, should be an example for others”

Ease of use

Use, this web hosting provider is extremely simple. Registration took 5 minutes. With binding domain, no problems.

In hosting present, intuitively understood, convenient panel. We also checked the web site builder, for convenience and ease of use and became a solid 5.

IdeaHost Control Panelideahost control panel

Like most hosting, Ideahost use cPanel running on CentOS. Nothing new here, the same reliability and ease at which we loved this control panel. There are several themes for customization and all the standard features that are available on most webhosts.

Ideal for

As shown by the experiment, and you guessed it, ideahost ideal for people who launch its first site, or do not want to understand all the subtleties hosting. He is a leader in the ranking of the best cheap web hosting.
But it is also worth noting that for people who have long enjoyed hosting service providers, plans and offers this web provider is not rare cause to change their old hosting on Idea Host


Summarizing, we can say that this is one of the best hosting. He has a few drawbacks, such as:

– not a lot features

But that the hosting provider offers work ideally. Recommended by our team of experts.

  • Integrated Key Features for WordPress
  • €100 Bing Credit
  • Free Domain Registration
  • SEO Tools

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