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How to choose the right domain?

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The issue of choice rather complex domain, and, if desired, although the domain is available for 5-10 minutes, the rush to this question does not arise.
For such a board has several grounds:

1. — A domain is a part of your site, in fact – that entered the site, which is important both for digital and OTS well-matched subjects on the site that will be especially important when you engage plug your site. Example: the site on sales of DVD discs with the domain-dvd shop .*** trumps website with the domain superexcellent .***, because most search engines take into account when viewing the contents of the domain site, and “DVD” From dvdshop domain will be taken into account as an important keyword. It is therefore necessary to register domain, given the theme site, and will not consult with the odd specialist or use the selection of domains, which for many sites dedicated to registering domains.

2. When registering domain, many asking about domain zone difference – COM / NET / ORG / BIZ, and so on … Each domain has its pluses and minuses, but if zone COM free – TAKE IT!

where to register domain
3. Where to register domain? This is a matter of taste. While I would not recommend to look for cheapest and not to do it in contact with unknown or questionable registrants. Small Savings can accumulate a big problems.
When registering necessarily pay attention to the access control panel domain. Through the Web interface, many domain registrars allow modify domain hosting, managed DNS records, and even extend the domain to transfer the domain to another registrar, not referring specifically to Support. Apart from the obvious convenience, and this is a guarantee of full control of the domain. Agree that buy a domain, pay for hosting, work on the development and improvement of the site, and its deal with the optimization and promotion of losing all of this because of something someone ill will or unwitting mistakes registrar – is impermissible luxury.
Therefore, make sure before registering domain, a domain that is registered in a serious and firm in your name …

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