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Bluehost Review

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BlueHost overview
bluehost review

Bluehost was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah.. Since that time, it used by thousands of customers. This puts Bluehost up there with some of the longest running hosting companies which should mean Bluehost won’t disappear overnight and take your valued web sites with them.

During his long existence, bluehost earned the title of one of the best hosting. Each of the experts or experienced webmaster will tell you that Blue Host, one of the leading web hosting providers on all criteria. If you are interested in why, this review is for you.

Tariffs and prices of BlueHost

If you are interested in choosing a cheap and reliable web hosting, you are in the right place.

Bluhost always been known for its good pricing. Continuous special offers for new customers, and discounts for existing. Prices for basic packages are not high and the rate is lower Even as all at a discount. Each of my unique plan for and suited to various types of projects in more detail below.

Bluehost base – when you order hosting, you can register a free domain. The cost of this plan, two dollars and ninety-five cents. With this plan you get to place one website for which you will be available 50 GB memory. You can register up to 5 domains and 25 subdomains. For communication with your web site available to you 5 Emails, 100 mb to account. As a result, this package is suitable for a young project, a blog or a small website

Bluehost Plus – the most popular shared hosting plan. Includes a unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of websites, unlimited domains and sub-domains and unlimited website space. Also, there is free domain. One key factor that distinguishes this plan it is basic, it’s $ 200 Gift for advertising. The cost of this plan five dollars forty-five cents.

Bluehost Prime – Includes all the features Bluehost Plus. The main differences from the plan plus is the presence of Domain Privacy and SitebackupPro. The cost of the plan, Prime Bluehost five dollars forty-five cents.

BlueHost’s features

When ordering, even of the initial plan, bluhost provides many features that help you in developing your website make it easy to manage your site and even save money.

With the advantages available in all tariffs but not all hosting providers, it:

Features for base plans of BlueHost
– Unlimited Bandwidth Per Month
– Free Domain For 1 year
– 24/7 Network Monitoring
– 24/7 Email Support
– Great Website Stats Tools: Awastats and Webalizer
– Anytime Money Back Guarantee
– 2 Premium Website Builders: Concrete5, Weebly
– Advanced Capabilities (Secure Shell Access (SSH), etc.)

This simple at first glance, save your preferences, and more importantly, nerves.

You may also notice a number of characteristics that are present in all plans except the base.

Bluehost Features for plus plan– Unlimited Storage Space
– Unlimited Domains
– Up to $200 Marketing Offers
– Unlimited Email Storage
– Unlimited Email accounts

This in my view, a person who spends on web hosting thousands of dollars a year are the most important features of the best web hosting.

Of course, I don’t putting a lot of simple benefits without hosting, not worthy of attention. So if you are interested in this particular hosting more about the characteristics you’ll find at bluhost.

BlueHost Support Service

Bluehost strive to provide the ultimate level of customer support. Their staff are friendly and are always available to help with any issues you have with your hosting. Whether you are a new customer or a long term customer they are ready to answer your questions and help you with any problems that you are having 24/7. Bluehost provide a support ticketing system, live chat and toll free telephone support.

From the Bluehost support page, customers can login to their account and manage their contact information and personal preferences. From the support page customers can view their support ticket history and submit new tickets, it’s very simple, thats why most of experts choose blue host as ideal of support. Also in the support page is a comprehensive knowledge base with information that answers many common questions.

knowledge base of bluehost

Ease of use

Bluehost has a modern and intuitively understandable design. Registration is easy. Managing hosting is through Cpanel. Binding domain is easy for 5 minutes (tested by our experts).

WordPress can be installed in one click, which is why this hosting is recommended sites When using this hosting, we have no problems. If you have any questions, the site has a large knowledge base.

Control Panel & Scripting Support

Bluehost use cPanel like many other hosts. Over the years cPanel has proven itself to be a very user-friendly control panel, there is many articles available on its usage, so for a new user it should take very little time to come to grips with the interface. Typical of cPanel hosts, Bluehost supports addon domains. In our testing adding extra domains was a relatively simple affair and everything worked as expected without any issues. By default Bluehost does not offer SSH (shell access), but it can be enabled if you fax a copy of a suitable photo id, such as a driver’s license or passport. Since cPanel also includes Fantastico, installation of common scripts is made easy, requiring little user intervention during installation.

Ideal for

Given that it is recommended for wordpress, it is the best hosting for your blog. But after using this hosting, it became clear that bluehost, is universal and it is ideal for all.


For an individual or small to medium business website, Bluehost is an excellent host. They provide a great service for customers who have a limited budget to spend on hosting each month but are looking for a highly reliable hosting solution. In our experience Bluehost has been a superb hosting provider, offering excellent technical support and high reliability which we can wholeheartedly recommend.

  • Integrated Key Features for WordPress
  • Custom-Designed Control Panel
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Any Time Money-Back Guarantee

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